Office Christmas Update!

Dear Members,


2017 has been such a busy and memorable year for West Northants Conservatives! Here's what you need to know from our 2017 antics and what you can expect next! 



Despite the snap General Election we have had a fantastic year in South Northants and Daventry. Firstly, in the May County Council elections we turned both constituencies 100% blue gaining 3 seats in South Northants and 1 in Daventry. This contributed to 4 out of the 6 Conservative gains made to Northamptonshire County Council this year! 

At the General Election, despite the national outcome, both Chris Heaton-Harris and Andrea Leadsom increased their share of the vote! - And lets not forget all our hard work that went into our marginal neighbor of Northampton North which helped to retain Michael Ellis with only 807 votes!

Finally September saw the Nene Valley by-election where Luke Graystone held the seat and joined Northampton Borough Council. 



Both our MPs hard work has been rewarded and they have taken a step up in Government. Chris Heaton-Harris has been appointed Vice Chamberlain of HM Household on top of his role as an Assistant Parliamentary Whip and Andrea Leadsom is now the Leader of the House of Commons! To keep up with news from our MP's take a look here: Andrea Leadsom or Chris Heaton-Harris.


The good news is I have survived my first full year as your WNC agent and am still here! Similarly, despite all things technological unleashing a vendetta against her, Rose still comes in every Thursday to help me keep on top of the Membership.

We also have a new team member in the St George's office... Jessamine Holland. Jess is the new Campaign Manager for Northampton North and is employed by Central Office to campaign in marginal seats. Whilst she isn't part of our local team it is great to have another experienced campaigner in the office and we are already working closely together with big 'Team Blue' goals in mind. In the new year we are hoping to be joined by another Campaign Manager in the office, for Northampton South. With all 4 West Northamptonshire constituencies having a professional campaigner in one office I am hopeful that we will all be able to share resources and ideas more effectively.

                        Xmas 3


In April this year a pilot scheme began whereby Membership renewals for the East Midlands were carried out by Central Office (CCHQ). It hasn't been a very smooth transition, with many toothing issue being found with the new system but we have been working closely with the new central membership team to try to help iron these out. Whilst it's not yet entirely sorted, progress in being made. The most common issues with the new system are:

  • Members are now being asked to renew via email and some are wrong or out of date. Then, if they are being received, members don't always differentiate the renewal email from other emails they receive from CCHQ. 
  • Equally, until a recent change, it wasn't obvious that the Membership renewal meant you were renewing your local subscription too. 

We have posted a letter to all members who hadn't renewed in October and will keep doing the same every few months to help make sure members don't miss their renewals. If you don't remember paying your subscription this year and want to check, please drop me a message. 



Because of all the elections this year 2017 was a little light on on events but we are planning to make up for it next year with some exciting speakers and brand new events including a Conservative Wine Club! Make sure to keep an eye on your emails and our website to ensure you don't miss out!


Next year in Daventry we have 13 local elections including 2 UKIP seats that we need to fight to stop turning Labour and 2 marginal seats we need to retain, so please keep your eyes peeled for campaigning dates in the New Year! In South Northamptonshire we are looking towards the 2019 NBC and SNC elections, we are beginning the search for candidates shortly, if you think you might be interested, take a look at this page and let me know.


We have given the websites a bit of a revamp this year and will be keeping them updated with all our new events and news. We have also now got an online payments facility which means you can buy your tickets online easily. Why not add us to your favorites bar? For South Northants Conservatives Website click HERE and for Daventry Conservatives click HERE.



If you helped campaign, attended events, sent a donation or were just a supportive member, we couldn't have done it with out you!

With very best festive wishes,