South Northamptonshire Conservatives relies on income generated from fundraising, membership and very importantly donations from local people to help maintain its campaigning presence locally.  Only through your help and support can we elect Conservatives to local Councils to help put a stop to the wasting of your money and deliver a low Council Tax.
The myth that the Conservative Party is bank rolled by big business is just that; a myth. Without small but regular contributions from many people this website and much of the work that may have brought you to it would not exist!
Modern Campaigning is expensive.  Stamps, telephone calls, leaflets and maintaining this website all cost money.

Your donation can help us to keep campaigning locally.
Every £25 pays for the postage of 100 targeted letters
Every £50 pays for 1000 telephone Canvass calls
Every £200 pays for an A4 Resident Newsletter for a Ward
Every £2,100 pays for a Full Colour Newspaper across the Constituency

Donate Today!
Ring Our Donation Hotline: 01604 859 721 (Have your Credit or Debit Card handy)
Should you require further information about donating to the South Northamptpnshire Conservatives please visit the 'contact us' page or e-mail